AdZerk Releases Header Bidding Industry Index (HBIX)

Ranks UDM as an Industry Leader - October 2018

Posted by AdZerk October 2018

In conjunction with publishers using header bidding, AdZerk has created The Header Bidding Industry Index (HBIX), which tracks header bidding adoption - as well as what vendors publishers are using - across the most-trafficked US sites that do programmatic advertising. The HBIX follows the same 1,000 Top US sites over time and is updated monthly.

With the fast paced development of header bidding, publishers have been bombarded with a variety of header bidding vendors, demand solutions, and ways to implement these to their sites. With over 60 bidder adapters available for prebid.js alone, header bidding has become one of the fastest growing solutions in digital media.

Finding 76% of Alexa’s Top 1000 sites having adopted header bidding, prebid.js is one of the fastest growing code types with 60% of wrappers follow this standard. Although this data does not represent the entire market, AdZerk’s Monthly HBIX report gives a clear understanding of the top bidder’s performance and implementation trends that may be used to adjust publisher’s monetization strategy.

UDM is proud to be included in their Top 30 Demand Partners ranking, alongside today’s top header bidding providers.

Originally published by Adzerk

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