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With Underdog Media, you can utilize a customized audience-related PMP to be more effective with audience targeting. We offer 100% unique, highly viewable inventory, reaching 200M unique/month worldwide with High Viewability Display, Video, and CTV/OTT. You can click here to view a demo

Test a custom audience PMP with no minimum spend and help increase your revenue, engagement & viewability. 

Below you’ll find seasonal customized audiences to enrich your PMP deals. All audiences can be further customized if needed to fit specific campaign requirements, and additional custom audiences can be created. 
March Madness
Target basketball fans tuning in to watch the tournament, checking scores online, and those traveling to see the games live.
  • 50M college basketball enthusiasts 
  • 39M March Madness Basketball Fans
  • 11M watch basketball on TV
  • 5M regularly watches live basketball games (NBA)
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Spring Into Easter
Reach individuals looking to celebrate Easter with gifts, chocolate, cards, and of course — peeps.
  • 53M chocolate eaters
  • 47M are Easter candy buyers
  • 33M buy florist and flower gifts
  • 30M gift and greeting card buyers
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Tax Season
Tax season is here and we’ve got individuals looking to use tax services.
  • 40% are online tax software users
  • 42% are tax returns - professional service users
  • 36% are tax returns - self-preparing users
  • 36% use the tax shelter model
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Spring Break Travel
Pursue consumers looking to book spring break trips by targeting travelers of beachgoers, and families shopping for their next getaway.
  • 21M beach vacationers
  • 77M air travel & hotel spenders
  • 60M travel agency & tour operation users
  • 7M buy vacation packages
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Mother's Day
Help consumers spoil their moms this year. Target shoppers who are looking to give that special something to their mom and grandma. 
  • 32M moms 
  • 33M grandparents
  • 34% are Mother’s Day shoppers
  • 21M jewelry and accessory shoppers
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Summer Travel
Drive buzz for tourists by targeting summer travelers, and exploration enthusiasts shopping for deals and plane tickets to the hottest destinations. 
  • 72M have taken a trip in the US
  • 20M have spent between $1,000-$10,000 on travel 
  • 36M use Airbnb
  • 15M Theme park visitors
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4th of July 
Light the barbeque and celebrate America by targeting shoppers looking to spend on the ultimate backyard cookout. 
  • 30% are Patriotic Americans
  • 43% are family centered
  • 34% are outdoor entertainers
  • 21% Big Grillers
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It is never too early to prepare for the whirlwind of back-to-school shopping. Reach consumers looking for the coolest apparel, the best gadgets, and the newest backpacks. 
  • 69M have children under the age of 18 
  • 62% shop for Apparel
  • 48% shop for shoes
  • 65% shop for school and home office supplies
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