Google Same-Site Cookie Release and SSL Updates

Posted by Alexis Gold on January 7, 2020

Google Chrome has announced plans to update how third party cookies are handled within the browser. Going forward, Chrome 80 (the latest version) will not pass third party cookies on non secure (http) requests. Google will enforce this by default with the release of Chrome 80 on February 4, 2020.

In order to comply with this new protocol you must update your Underdog Media tags from the current version to HTTPS.

Required EDGE by UDM Changes

To manually update your tags:
If you are running tags that currently have the endpoint as:

You need to update your tags to:

To download updated tags: You can update your tags by downloading them from your UDM account dashboard, login to your account and click the “Ad Code” tab to download.

Required Prebid Changes: Please download version 2.xx or version 3.xx to make this update or you can build and download a custom 3.1 file with the Underdog Media custom adapter here.

Why Do You Need to Make These Changes? For any HTTP requests received after February 4, 2020 Underdog Media will implement an automatic HTTP to HTTPS redirect that will satisfy the Chrome requirements. This redirect will add latency and impact revenue. In order to avoid this redirect and negative revenue impacts, we highly recommend updating your tags as directed above, even on non-secure pages.

Additional information on updates from Google on SSL related changes to Chrome can be found here:

If you have any questions and/or need assistance making these changes, please contact Underdog Media publisher support.