April Publisher Newsletter

April 2023 Publisher Newsletter
We’ve Got a New Prebid Update
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Did you know that “A recent study showed that header bidding led to a 23% increase in fill rate and a 20% increase in average CPM. With these benefits and more, it’s no wonder why header bidding has become a popular and essential tool for publishers looking to maximize their monetization potential” according to AdMonsters

We just updated our prebid adapter, which you can find in prebid.js! Interested in working with us and increasing your revenue? Look no further than our new prebid adapter. We can target your OOP placement!

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Partner Spotlight: 33Across
Lexicon and UDM
We are working with 33Across and have implemented a new cookieless solution!
Rates Are Up
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Looking for a new ad partner to provide higher rates and better service? EDGE by UDM is your answer! 

We help publishers gain substantial revenue with non-intrusive adhesion and video ad units. You can view a demo of our ad units here. This partnership requires no exclusive contracts and monetizes very well with your existing ad partners. 

Test us out and see how simple, easy, and hassle-free implementation can be!

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We’ve Got Data 
And so do you!
Leverage your audience data with UDM, today! We’ve partnered with Comscore and Quantcast to ensure our buyers have audience insights. This gives us the ability to attain unique advertiser spend you cannot find with just any partner. Having the inside scoop on current data will enable stable success for budding UDM partnerships. 

According to
AdMonsters, “Things such as exclusive partnerships, insights, or experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to make available to a wide audience. If you can find a more targeted, specific audience where the value is there, those are doors worth opening and they’re going to continue to build that relationship. That’s the value of first-party data.”

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