December Advertiser Newsletter

December 2022 Advertiser Newsletter
Not All That Glitters is Gold
But ad tech is still shining
According to AdWeek, several ad-tech firms reported their earnings, showing a brighter picture for the online economy compared with the losses social media and tech firms reported this quarter, according to financial analysts.  
Ad-tech firms like The Trade Desk, Magnite, PubMatic, and Criteo provide the tools for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell ad space. This lets ad-tech firms focus on the media verticals growing the fastest, like connected TV and retail media, which don’t have the same challenges as social media.
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CTV/OTT will be the gift that keeps on giving. Plan your 2023 spend ahead of the new year!
Cookie Who-Cares!
We have your recipe for success
Although third-party cookies are on the way out, it’s hard to mourn what you never had. Did you know that most CPG brands could never rely on data targeting, take a page from their book and read all about it, here

With an increasing number of tailored verticals to choose from and contextual advertising, each consumer will be reached seamlessly. With no trail of cookies in site, all that will be left is the reward of knowing you can increase brand lift. 

Let us help you increase brand awareness and lift today! 
Reach out to learn more about our tailored verticals and audience insights.
Identity is the hot topic now
Yes, supply-path optimization is a hot topic, but identity is the topic these days. It’s one that’s stoking the fire on the convergence of programmatic supply and demand. SPO may be scary to some but it is creating a new unification between buyers and sellers to better understand their audiences! 
Advertisers already work closely with SSPs to set up programmatic direct deals and PMPs to get closer to a pub’s audiences. We have a feeling this will only increase as SPO becomes IPO (Identity Path Optimization). 
Work with us to create targeted PMPs that can boost awareness and sales. Build a closer relationship with your ad tech partners. In this light, SPO isn’t an anti-ad-tech effort – it is far from it. It’s a clear indication that buyers and sellers want ad tech partners that can grant them a front-row seat to audiences’ insights and premium inventory, according to this
AdExchanger article

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Happy Holidays from Underdog Media! 
Enjoy the holiday season
Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year from Underdog Media! Reach out if you would like to work with us for a prosperous 2023 and beyond.