December Publisher Newsletter

December 2022 Publisher Newsletter
Some Publishers Deserve Ad Dollars and Some Don’t
Web-Traffic Quality Is Not Subjective
Do you know what is really important to us? Traffic quality! Publishers need to make sure the traffic they generate isn’t fraudulent or invalid using the MRC’s invalid traffic (IVT) guidelines, per AdExchanger
Why? To demonstrate to advertisers that you will be a good steward of their ad dollars. If you have bad traffic… bye-bye revenue, believe us when we say that it is hard to gain the trust of demand partners once you have been audited as an invalid traffic source. 
We can help!
Reach out to learn how we can help audit your domain to make sure you are IVT-clear.
Looming Recession, No Problem! 
Get smart and get sustainable revenue
According to AdExchanger, with a recession looming and even more signal loss on the way, publishers need to experiment to find the best mix of revenue-generating solutions and approaches.

Not a huge media house that can implement a subscription-based model? Smaller, less-established publishers are better served by having a diverse array of revenue streams. 

What are your revenue-generating solutions for 2023? 

Here’s what you can do! Start by implementing our EDGE ad unit to sustain new revenue that guarantees more profit, premium demand, high rates, and the best user experience.
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Ad Layout
Protect your revenue potential
Did you know that the old adage, “less is more” is true for ad layouts? It’s tempting to add additional ad units to increase revenue, but we are seeing this strategy costing our publishers way more than they gain.
Underdog Media uses premier ad exchanges to provide our publishers with top-tier demand and rates. These exchange partners require strict adherence to their publisher guidelines, violations of which result in global blocking and tag termination. Global blocking means no ad revenue for your domain and it is a designation that is very difficult to reverse.
Protect your revenue potential and prevent global blocking by editing your ad layout. More information is available
Happy Holidays from Underdog Media!
Enjoy the holiday season
Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year from Underdog Media! Reach out if you would like to work with us for a prosperous 2023 and beyond.