February Advertiser Newsletter

February 2023 Advertiser Newsletter
Customized PMPs for the win!
Want the best inventory? Look no further
With Underdog Media, you can utilize a customized PMP to be more effective with audience targeting. Would you be interested in discussing a custom PMP?

We offer 100% unique, highly viewable inventory, reaching 200M unique/month worldwide with High Viewability Display, Video, and CTV/OTT.
You can click here to view a demo. 

Test a custom audience PMP with no minimum spend and help increase your engagement  & viewability.  

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Lose the cookies!
We’ve got audience data
Looking for a new strategy as cookies disappear? We’ve got audience targeting! 

According to
AdExchanger, “The answer lies in new, more accurate, efficient, and sustainable approaches. For example, using zero- and first-party data and identity-based advertising provides a pathway to higher fidelity targeting, higher accuracy, and higher efficiency than third-party cookies.” 

We’ve got audience insights and why is this important? Because it can help you capture the correct audience without relying on third-party cookies. Yes, we still use cookies too, but this is not going to last forever so we’ve created contextual audience targeting solutions. 

Learn more about it!
Ready for basketball season?
March Madness is right around the corner
Right now 43% of our inventory reaches March Madness fans! 

We would love to discuss how we can work together to target sports fans and shoppers in March. Use Underdog Media’s unique inventory to target your audience!

Increase awareness and engagement with a customized Sports PMP with no minimums.

Lets chat about customized sport PMP,
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Refresh your strategy
Unique inventory is the key
Need a little refresh on how you are spending on the open marketplace?

Our ad unit is a smart and refreshing addition to your current programmatic efforts. We have inventory that only serves in-view impressions so advertisers like you know their ads will be seen and perform better than your current inventory. 

Does this sound of interest? If so,
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