February Publisher Newsletter

February 2023 Publisher Newsletter
CMPs are important 
Make sure you have one
What is the importance of adding a CMP to a publisher’s website? 

As reported by AdExchanger, “According to the 2022 Adobe Trust Report, 68% of customers will stop buying from companies if their data preferences are disrespected. New privacy laws aren’t here to harm businesses; they’re a response to protect consumers.”

Obeying online privacy tools and guidelines will ensure capturing available traffic. If not, publishers lose revenue by not attaining an up-to-date CMP version; in the future, all geos will most likely require consent from readers. 

Make sure to have an updated CMP to capitalize on available traffic! You will notice the difference and avoid any problems ahead.
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Decrease your ballooning ads.txt file 
We’ve got smart floors
EDGE by UDM technology has smart price flooring that secures revenue-driving traffic rates. We have direct deals with DSPs to decrease a ballooning amount of reseller ads.txt lines. We are here to help publishers navigate SPO so they can garner the best connections and highest-paid RPMs. 

“But increasing bid volume has little to do with increasing the value of ad inventory, which takes a lot of work, including implementing price flooring, investing in engineering, and removing ineffective endpoints from supply paths”, said

Having smart floors sets the pace in decreasing ads.txt ballooning. We’ve got you covered!
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It is not just you, it is everyone
But we’ve got PMPs to help!
Is a recession coming? Maybe? But does that mean your ad revenue needs to decrease? No way! 

We’ve got you covered with PMPs that can help garner higher RPMs and ad revenue! Yes, we love the open marketplace but we also like the programmatic guarantees which we have! 

“Wohl declined to share exact price points for the average RPM his company is earning off of the open programmatic marketplace, however, he said that from Jan. 2022 to Jan. 2023, the average RPM was down 55% year over year.” -

If you are feeling this RPM decline, look no further than EDGE by UDM! Reach out so we can help you gain more revenue.
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Gain referral credit!
Looking for extra revenue? Refer your publisher friends and get a 5% monthly referral credit! 

It is super easy! Earn 5% each month of what the publisher earns that you have referred, once the referred publisher is live with UDM, you’ll receive a monthly commission for up to a year.
Send us as many referrals as you want. You’ll receive 5% each month of what the publisher earns that you have referred.

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