January Advertiser Newsletter

January 2023 Advertiser Newsletter
Don’t Stress About the Economy
We’ve got flexible planning
Don’t want to be locked into spending with a shaky economy on the horizon? We’ve got you covered! 

According to Digiday, “...history seems to be repeating itself with Q1 planning happening several weeks later than usual and the push for flexibility continuing.”
We can help you with flexibility. Spend a little, spend a lot or just simply test us out! We are here to help you navigate this economic roller coaster by providing stress-free and flexible inventory.  

Let us know about your online KPI’s and overall needs. We can discuss a CPM floor that includes all data, targeting, and inventory across our highly viewable display, video, and/or CTV offerings. 

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Got Contextual Audience Data?
Don’t worry if you don’t, we’ve got you covered
Though 2022 cast a shadow on publisher success, contextual data remained a saving grace for cookie alternatives. Run your campaigns on top-tier publishers coupled with contextual audience data to increase engagement and viewability.

According to AdExchanger, “To better serve advertisers, this year, publishers expanded propensity modeling and contextual targeting.” 

With this in mind, UDM has capabilities through Comscore and Quantcast that allow us to produce contextual audience data based on publisher traffic. This access gives us the ability to tailor advertising spend based on domains and the audience visiting those websites.

Learn how to utilize this unique inventory today and
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Do We Have Your Attention?
We’ve got attention metrics
As stated in a recent Digiday article, “We know that path optimization is critical to performance and realizing our ambition of maximizing consumer brand experience,” he added. “Seeing this metric at both sides of the transaction allows me to understand the full potential of attention metrics.” said Jeff Giacchett via PubMatic.

We work with PubMatic to utilize new advances in attention metrics to engage audiences. 

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Start Q1 With A Bang
Hit your 2023 goals with UDM
What is the viewability you are getting from your current inventory? We would like to discuss how we can beat it! 

We have unique inventory that is ready and available today. Reply back to schedule a meeting to chat