January Publisher Newsletter

January 2023 Publisher Newsletter
Are You Using SmartNews?
Learn how you can make more money
New Year, New Money Resolutions! Trying to find ways to make lasting increases in revenue? 

According to AdExExchanger, “SmartNews uses the first-party data it gathers from its users to create more intelligent content recommendations and serve more relevant ads.” 

Easily add our EDGE tag to your SmartNews articles. Make new incremental revenue on top of the desktop and mobile web ad units you are already running, then sit back and watch your 2023 numbers increase as the year progresses. Don’t pass up this opportunity to increase your revenue by adding our EDGE ad unit to your SmartNews articles. 

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Follow Us, Not Them
Big tech moves are not for the mid-size publisher
“There are a lot of questions about advertising spend going into next year: how quickly spending will start in the next year and how fast it will ramp up,” said Jeffrey Hirsch, chief commercial officer at PubMatic. “But digital publishers may be unwise to take too many cues from Big Tech. Many publishers are likely paying the price for following the major social platforms in their latest pivot to video, Froggatt said.” - AdExchanger

After leaving behind a year of endless fluctuations in the market, steady, successful ways to bring in more bucks are exactly what publishers are craving. Why scrap what works for unknown results? Sticking to a tried and true technology, such as EDGE ad units, ensures stable revenue. Go for what is dependable and what has always worked.
If you are a small to a midsize publisher, don’t follow the big tech cues, follow what you know. Traditional ad display is the key to consistent and dependable revenue.
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Got Contextual Audience Data?
Don’t worry if you don’t, we’ve got you covered
Though 2022 cast a shadow on publisher success, contextual data remained a saving grace for cookie alternatives. Publishers are using contextual data to draw business from advertisers eager to test cookie alternatives. 

According to AdExchanger, “To better serve advertisers, this year, publishers expanded propensity modeling and contextual targeting.” 

UDM has data capabilities connected through Comscore that allow us to produce contextual audience data based on website traffic. This gives us the ability to capture unique advertiser spend you cannot find from other partners.

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Start Q1 With A Bang
Hit your 2023 revenue goals with UDM
What is the current rate you are getting for the ads you are serving? We would like to discuss how we can beat it! 

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