March Advertiser Newsletter

March 2023 Advertiser Newsletter
Viewability is Valuable!
High viewability combined with tailor-made audience PMPs to drive your KPIs
With Underdog Media, you can utilize a customized audience-related PMP to be more effective with audience targeting. We offer 100% unique, highly viewable inventory, reaching 200M unique/month worldwide with High Viewability Display, Video, and CTV/OTT. You can click here to view a demo

Let us customize a PMP with no minimum spend and help increase your revenue, engagement & viewability. We can create one specifically for your brand or choose from our already tailor-made segments such as Spring & Summer Travel, NBA Playoffs, Mother’s Day Shoppers, World Cup Viewers, Back-to-School to name a few.

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CTV Streaming Doesn’t Have to be Costly
Spend sufficient funds for custom audiences
AdExchanger touches on a clever way to be effective in the streaming world, while still reaching a targeted audience, “This is the real value of streaming for advertisers: the ability to saturate the market with a high degree of efficiency. Streaming enables them to adjust their spend against different geographies and audiences so the brand can reach the most viewers most frequently for the least amount of money”

Here at Underdog Media, we have the ability to run custom audience CTV/OTT campaigns designed to yield a high Index against specified, targeted audiences. Let us help you customize your CTV audience with efficiency in mind,
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The Power of 3rd-Party Data
How investing in audience insights unlocks more for your business
Recent breakthroughs in digital advertising have been counting on reliable third-party data sources to peel ahead of competitors. UDM has access to Quantcast and Comscore Audience Insights. What does that mean for your business? You can experience this boost too.

According to
AdWeek, “Today’s digital advertising efforts require more power to break through—and that power can be delivered by trusted sources of high-quality third-party data.”

Third-party data will be a key component to viewability and success.
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Staying Strategic with A Limited Marketing Budget 
KPI viewability and CTR deals you can’t turn your back on
Putting a limit on marketing spend isn’t always negative. With up-to-date strategies, thoughts about the overall impact of marketing spend are now a trend with big-dog CEOs. When working alongside UDM, our average KPI’s are 80% viewability and .34% CTR. 

“59% of marketing leaders have been experiencing increased pressure from CEOs to prove the impact of marketing spend. This focus on results is changing the way we think about customer journeys” states this
AdExchanger article.

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