March Publisher Newsletter

March 2023 Publisher Newsletter
Customizing Your Exact Market Just Got Easier
Seller Defined Audiences
Working with UDM unlocks access to Quantcast and Comscore Audience Insights. What does that mean for you? With customized audience PMPs with Geico, Honda, Hawaiian Airlines, AAA Auto Club, and more choice brands, it’s only a matter of time before publishers like you will continue to stand out.

According to AdMonsters, “Seller Defined Audiences are a great spec for targeting because they result in high-quality audience segments. Developed and released by the IAB Tech Lab, Seller Defined Audiences let publishers monetize their first-party audiences without the bother of using a unique ID or revealing a user’s identity to advertisers. In essence, Seller Defined Audiences provide marketers the ability to home in on their exact audience while guaranteeing user privacy.”

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Need Help Optimizing your Traffic?
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Are you able to blacklist underperforming traffic sources? Why would you do this you may ask?

Because “the simplest way to increase the traffic quality is not to jump between several DSPs looking for the perfect match but to weed out the bad traffic from the campaigns you already have.” - AdMonsters

We have an operations team dedicated to monitoring the traffic being sent to our DSP partners who monetize and optimize it based on performance. We are a one-stop solution for all ad stack needs.

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Privacy is Here
And it ain’t going away
We have said it before and we will say it again. It is super important to have a CMP on your website. 

Obeying online privacy tools and guidelines will ensure capturing available traffic and maximizing revenue. If not, publishers lose out on revenue by not attaining an up-to-date CMP version and in the future, all geos will most likely require consent from readers. 

Make sure to have an updated CMP to capitalize on available traffic! You will notice the difference in revenue and avoid any problems ahead. 

Reach out if you need help adding a CMP and/or review this helpful guide.