May Publisher Newsletter

May 2023 Publisher Newsletter
We’ve got no cookies! 
Look no further for cookie-less solutions
Spring is in the air and opportunities are heating up. Underdog Media has turned to Lexicon, a default ID in PubMatic’s Identity Hub, from 33Across to help monetize their unaddressable inventory.

According to the following article from AdWeek, “With a 50% match rate with third-party cookies, this will be a more precise way of being able to help advertisers better understand audiences, and also give consumers what they want in terms of better privacy.” 

Monetizing unaddressable inventory available to you will drive your $$$ up! We got you covered.
Do you have data?
If not, don’t worry we do!
Honing in on audience insights is crucial in the ever-shifting market. Seller Defined Audiences provide advertisers with the inside scoop on where to place their spend. 

“Many third-party solutions — Alternative IDs, Seller-Defined Audiences, Email-hashing — exist, but companies are still testing them. Currently, only 24% of publishers surveyed had a post-cookie solution. This is why buyers and sellers believe that Google might delay third-party cookie deprecation further.” - AdMonsters

In a recent AdMonsters post, it said that “publishers are working to improve their first-party data capabilities. One top priority is ensuring their first-party data sets are more appealing to buyers. 73% of publishers invest in first-party data collection strategies, and email marketing is the most common tool for growing first-party data sets.” 

We are able to take advantage of a publisher’s data as we have partnered with Quantcast and Comscore to secure domain-level insights, we have got you covered in this data-focused world!
We’ve got exclusive PMPs
This means revenue for publishers
Gain revenue the savvy way. It is all about networking and who you partner up with that will set you apart. 

We have linked up with DSPs like PubMatic, OpenX, and more to create exclusive PMPs which results in a higher RPM. “We are significantly reducing the hops, discrepancies, data proliferation, opacity, and complexity in the programmatic marketplace,” and “This will result in higher ROI for buyers and increased revenue for publishers.” - Digiday

Increasing revenue, reducing hick-ups, and becoming a smarter pub - are the advantages partnering with UDM is giving you!
9 States Now Have Privacy Laws
Make sure you have an updated CMP
It’s full steam ahead for privacy laws in 2023. It is crucial that publishers add an updated CMP to their websites to successfully avoid getting caught up by strict regulations. All states and countries will eventually be following GDPR and CCPA laws. 

This quote by AdExchanger outlines this idea of a new standard of strictness being seen across multi-media hubs “To maintain sanity while also complying with all these different statutes (with more to come), businesses may end up embracing the strictest approach as their default.” 

Avoid any problems ahead by making sure to have an updated CMP to capitalize on available traffic! You will notice the difference and avoid any problems ahead. Contact us if you need help adding a CMP and/or review this helpful guide.