Q2 Advertiser Newsletter

June 2020 Advertiser Newsletter

The Post-Cookie World

Before the COVID craze, Google announced they would be banning cookies from their browser within the next two years. There is no set date for this cookieless world, but the clock keeps ticking and it appears Google has no plan to roll this effort back. 

There are three areas to monitor as the cookieless world starts to build. The industry should start thinking about (1) the battle of the browser, (2) the web’s walled garden gaining popularity and (3) measurement problems that will form new standards and territories we must learn to navigate as the internet becomes a cookie free environment.

Let's Get Political, Political

With summer fast approaching, the 2020 November election is right around the corner and campaign spend is starting to heat up. 

We have you covered for the 2020 political election with a plethora of audience insights. Don't get left in the dust during this current political race, maximize your engagement to the correct consumer with our owned and operated inventory. 

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

According to AdExchanger, "As advertisers return to the market, they’re thinking critically about how consumer media and shopping habits have changed, and how strategies that worked in the past won’t necessarily work in the future". 

Ready or not the country is opening back up and the economy must go on, it is not about recovery right now, it is about resetting marketing and advertising plans and budgets for a new world. This pandemic has brought on new behaviors, whether that’s pet adoption or DIY home projects, people are spending but we have to keep in mind how many people have been impacted financially and where brands fit in. 

How do you advertise for back-to-school season this year with schools possibly operating virtually? It is not about 'do we advertise' its about 'how we strategize a new plan and message'. 

My Home, My Office

Are you still working from home? Does it feel like you may never see your office again? Do not fret, in time you will see your office desk again, but for right now here are a few work from home tactics to keep you motivated and productive:
  • Create a dedicated office space
  • Maintain regular hours and a morning routine
  • Got kids, a spouse or a roommate? Set ground rules, claim your space and let them know there are certain household chores you will not do during work hours
  • Take breaks
  • Leave your house, go for a walk or run a quick errand
  • Socialize with your colleagues, you don’t have to become FaceTime buddies, but you can slack someone a simple Hello

2M Impressions & 250M Monthly Uniques

We have hit a new milestone this quarter at Underdog Media! With the internet booming, browsing peaking and consumers engaging online more than ever - we have reached over 200M Monthly Uniques!

Based on our data, consumers are shopping and spending time on the internet across the UDM publisher network. What are they shopping for and viewing? We broke down the numbers and found consumer engagement increased across these verticals in Q2: Employment, Software and Webapps, Computers and Electronics, Premium Services, Financial Services, Video Games, Telecommunications, Nonprofit and Politics. 

Interested in setting up a deal and/or brand specific audience behaviors and insights? Reach out!