Q2 Publisher Newsletter

June 2020 Publisher Newsletter

The Post-Cookie World

Before the COVID craze, Google announced they would be banning cookies from their browser within the next two years. There is no set date for this cookieless world, but the clock keeps ticking and it appears Google has no plan to roll this effort back. 

There are three areas to monitor as the cookieless world starts to build. The industry should start thinking about (1) the battle of the browser, (2) the web’s walled garden gaining popularity and (3) measurement problems that will form new standards and territories we must learn to navigate as the internet becomes a cookie free environment.

Don’t Fear, the End of CPM Declines is Here

There is no question what COVID did to publishers, if you are a publisher then you probably already know that 62% saw CPM hits due to the pandemic advertiser pullback.

How did this happen? According to
AdExchanger via the IAB, “69% of those publishers cited reduced ad budgets as a primary cause for the decreases, and 37% of publishers cited media cancellations as another primary cause”. 

The good news is that advertiser spend will come back and already is. When the pandemic first hit, most advertisers just froze, they did not cancel they just paused. They shifted their heavy-duty performance advertising to cause-related advertising. Now that the lockdown is easing up, you will start seeing advertisers jump back into the mix.

My Home, My Office

Are you still working from home? Does it feel like you may never see your office again? Do not fret, in time you will see your office desk again, but for right now here are a few work from home tactics to keep you motivated and productive:
  • Create a dedicated office space
  • Maintain regular hours and a morning routine
  • Got kids, a spouse or a roommate? Set ground rules, claim your space and let them know there are certain household chores you will not do during work hours
  • Take breaks
  • Leave your house, go for a walk or run a quick errand
  • Socialize with your colleagues, you don’t have to become FaceTime buddies, but you can slack someone a simple Hello

Double Down On Your Revenue

Activate a new EDGE feature we’re calling ‘double down’. This feature will serve a companion footer placement (728x90) when a rail placement is rendered. Initial tests are showing a 20-40% increase in RPM driven by EDGE on desktop traffic. You can see a demo of double down here.

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