Q3 Advertiser Newsletter

September 2020 Advertiser Newsletter

Programmatic Pick Me Up

Can you feel it? Fall is almost here, the leaves are starting to turn, pumpkin spice lattes are flowing and holiday shopping is just around the corner!

According to Adweek, "the number of advertisers running programmatic ads through the end of July is up 36% since January, and total programmatic spend between April and July is up 11% year-over-year."

While creative campaigns have adjusted to the to stay-at-home life, US consumer spend is mirroring this programmatic uptick with projected spend to be $709.78 billion on ecommerce in 2020, representing an increase of 18.0% from last year, as reported by eMarketer.

T-Minus 60 Days....

There is no question that the political digital marketplace is in full swing! With compliance and regulations limiting political campaigns, Xandr is making huge waves to push political ads through all platforms. 

"Xandr is able to provide the appropriate level of creative oversight for political advertisers because it operates a closed programmatic ecosystem, allowing comprehensive review of campaigns from ad buy through to delivery. The company has been making a push into political advertising this year, launching custom workflows and exclusive inventory access specifically for political buyers." - Adexchanger

As a partner of Xandr, OpenX, and Verizon Media, Underdog Media can provide PMPs and unique inventory to all political campaigns. We have state-level insights and engage with 130M voters. Set up a Political PMP today!

Santa is Shopping Online

A lot has happened this year but one item we are certain about is that consumers are shopping online more than ever.
According to
Mediapost, "U.S. consumers are so worried about COVID-19 that 62% say “no amount” of safety measures will persuade them to shop in stores this Black Friday, according to a study by Emarsys. Indeed, only 4% plan to shop in stores, and 28% will do their holiday buying entirely online."

Gear up for Digital Black Friday with UDM Holiday shopper audience insights.

We have a plethora of audience data to help boost engagement this Q4 across these verticals: Electronics, Apparel, Home Goods, Telecom, and more! Interested? Click here to receive UDM holiday shopper data

The Future of the Marketing Mix

As the marketing mix is reshaped due to the death of cookies, 1-1 targeting, and other privacy measures, "new scaled approaches to targeting and measurement will likely involve statistical proxies that will work equally across both digital and traditional channels," according to Adexchanger

We predict that contextual audience data will become more relevant than ever as reaching audiences is useless if the audience doesn’t notice the message and engage with the brand.

Based on our data, we can find consumer engagement stats across verticals that include: Apparel, CPG/Food, Home Goods, Computers and Electronics, Financial Services, Video Games, Telecommunications, Nonprofits, Politics, and much more. 

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Reel by UDM: Instream and Outstream Video

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Use your instream and outstream video content to create a wider reach across your audience. Our suite of video solutions blend in with content, allowing users to effectively interact with the unique creative. Demo it here

Reel by UDM allows users to seamlessly engage with video creative. UDM provides exclusive access to thousands of domains serving video inventory, utilizing industry-leading brand safety tools to ensure ad traffic quality and best practices. Offering compelling and 100% in view unique inventory with our owned and operated ad unit.

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