November Publisher Newsletter

November 2022 Publisher Newsletter
Capture that “Ho Ho Ho” Holiday Spend
Time to capitalize on premium demand!
According to AdWeek, The Vericast survey data indicates people plan to delay their holiday purchases this year. Slightly more than half of shoppers (53%) will begin their holiday shopping in November or December.

Jump on the spend wagon today by implementing our EDGE ad unit.

Being ahead of the game and realigning your inventory will bring real results to the surface. Act now and capitalize on the correct influx of premium demand available for Q4 to jump-start the upcoming new year.
Get Core!
When smart choices produce more $$$
Did you know that growth and engagement will increase your revenue. What are your current Core Web Vital solutions? 

UDM focuses on usability and site speed, site performance, and Core Web Vitals solutions to ensure a better user experience. As a result, look out for decreased bounce rates and more time on the page.
Custom ad layouts that balance a positive user experience with maximum revenue potential are the key to success. Reach out to learn more about our core web vital solutions!
Demand Got You Down?
Get ready for a come up
Advertising rates, CPMs, declining bid rates, etc got you down? It’s not just you, the signs are everywhere, but we can help drive max yield for your websites with our adhesion ad unit. 
Heck, we are experiencing these fluctuation effects too, but we’re working hard to find premium demand to drive the highest revenue for our publishers. 
Now is a perfect time to consider adding an adhesion ad unit to your site to increase revenue. Get set up with our EDGE ad unit today! Sign up here. 
NET 0 November
Activate our ad tag and get paid
Implement our EDGE ad tag and receive NET 0 PAYMENTS in Q4. We have multiple options to increase your revenue this quarter. See the qualification below. 

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