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2020 Political Ad Spend

Posted by Alexis Gold on August 30, 2019

Ready, set, go! Digital advertising is now the largest media expenditure for every major campaign on both political sides, according to AdExchanger.

Out with the old (namely TV ads and polling) and in with the new (a mixture of TV, digital and social content distributed via in-house ad buying)! According to Elizabeth Warren and her campaign team, they see the standard campaign as another symbol of Washington corruption and is seeking digital ad spend as an opportunity to do things differently.

As stated by the WSJ,spending on political advertisements is projected to hit a new high in 2020, surging $3.6 billion above the most recent presidential campaign year. Align yourself with the correct inventory and audience to maximize revenue and engagement as we approach a long year of political advertising.

Take a peak at a few political activities, donations and outlooks from our UDM audience:

  • 31M Republicans
  • 37M Democrats
  • 23M Independents
  • 36M are registered to vote
  • 41M recently voted in the latest mid-term election
  • 43M voted in the most recent presidential election
  • 14M contacted an elected official in the past 3 years
  • 26M visit general news websites for political information (ex. CNN and Fox News)
  • 4M donated money to a political candidate
  • 6M donated money to a political party
  • 7M donated money to a special interest group
  • 16M are very conservative
  • 21M are somewhat conservative
  • 6M donated money to a political party
  • 35M are middle of the road
  • 12M are somewhat liberal
  • 13M are very liberal

The science of political advertising is changing, with voters spending more times on their screens, political advertisers are racing to push their campaigns across digital media more than ever. Be sure to utilize the correct audience, such as Underdog Media’s, when looking for inventory that drives results and targets the correct voter.

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