Everything You Need to Know About Sellers.JSON

Posted by Alexis Gold on June 20, 2019

The Underdog Media team is pleased to announce updates and enhancements to the UDM platform. Here is everything you need to know about Sellers.JSON and UDM.

What is Sellers.JSON and the OpenRTB Supply Chain Object? How is it different than Ads.txt?

The IAB recently launched two new solutions, Sellers.JSON and OpenRTB Supply Chain Object, for use in concert with other ad quality initiatives.

Quickly explained the Seller.JSON file enables DSP buyers to verify the entities who are either direct sellers of or resellers of the inventory they buy. The goal: increase confidence that buyers are not being duped by shady players who aren’t authorized to resell a publisher’s inventory.

Secondly, the OpenRTB SupplyChain object, allows buyers to see all parties who are selling or reselling a given bid request. This notice also provides some additional product and policy updates.

The initiative is being driven by larger demand partners such as, The Trade Desk, which is currently purchasing your traffic. After July 1st, supply partners missing the proper validations will stop seeing revenue from buyers like, The Trade Desk, that have adopted sellers.json.

What do you need to do as a publisher to abide by these new initiatives?

Outside of the having an updated ads.txt file from UDM, its business as usual. As of right now, having an updated ads.txt file is all a publisher needs to do to implement these new buyer validations.

Required Publisher Action: Publisher must confirm placement of Underdog Media’s most recent ads.txt file. Easy but not so fast… internal audits show that 35% of our publishers have common errors in their ads.txt that would fail the sellers.json authentication.

We can also confirm that keeping your ads.txt file up to date is of great value. We have internally tracked a 70% plus decline in monetization when a publishers ads.txt is missing or incomplete. If interested in more information, click here.

Most common Ads.txt errors include:

  • Invisible or added non-digit characters
  • Multiple or incorrect IDs for udmserve.net
  • Typos and non digital character
  • Copy and paste mistakes

Download your most recent ads.txt file, here.

Why is the industry doing this?

These brand safely initiatives, in addition to TAG certification, GDPR compliance, 100% ads.txt adoption and other fraud vendor partnerships are essential in guaranteeing and ensuring transparency and high quality inventory across the digital media ecosystem. It is our mission at Underdog Media to provide secure and safe technology and beyond for our publishing and demand partners.

Want to learn more?

Here are a few articles we recommend reading:

If you have any questions regarding this initiative and updating your ads.txt file, do not hesitate to reach out, please contact us with any concerns and questions.