The Six-Second Video

Increase Brand Awareness & Completion Rates: The Impact of Ad Length

Posted by Alexis Gold on January 08, 2019

Enhance User Experience, With EDGE by UDM!

Underdog Media's six-second outstream video solution creates a positive impact by taking over the consumer experience, as today's audience has a dimensioning attention span. Deliver your short form ad to create a deeper brand impact.

Short-form video is an important element of the premium video marketplace. Advertisers have started to embrace this format as it enhances UX, revenue, and performance levels across KPIs such as brand recall and awareness.


Six-Second Outstream Video

130M Monthly Uniques & 100% In View

- Six-second ads decrease skips and increase completion rate and viewability

- High success rates due to completion and 100% viewability exceeds client KPIs

- Direct and Unique Relations with 600+ Ads.txt implemented publishers


Increase Brand Awareness

- Avoid Heavy Ad Loads, Less is More

- Increase Purchase Intent, Completion Rate, Brand Awareness & Revenue

- Target to Retarget: Six-second ads have a stronger impact when reinforcing a message from a longer ad

- EDGE by UDM provides programmatic viewable adhesion ad units across mobile and desktop

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