Underdog Media tops Comscore and Pixalate Digital Media Rankings

UDM Celebrates Top 50 Comscore Ad Ecosystem and Pixalate Top 20 Seller Trust Index Recognitions

Posted by Alexis Gold on February 11, 2019

As a leader in banner and video adhesion ad units, Underdog Media remains on top of Pixalate’s Seller Trust Index ranking in the Top 20 for the past several years. In addition and for the first time, UDM is now a Comscore Top 50 Ad Ecosystem Custom Entity.

In an effort to combat fraud and achieve the most up to date and accurate audience demographics, UDM is proud to align with both Pixalate and Comscore as we are extremely committed to brand safety and performance.

As of November 2018, UDM reaches 117,584 unique viewers worldwide (across desktop and mobile). Exceeding Adap.tv, Martini Media, Springboard Video Network, RockYou Mobile and more, UDM further pushes boundaries and proceeds as a leader in the digital marketplace.

Alongside these efforts with Pixalate and Comscore, here are a few other items we consider a top priority with regard to brand safety:

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) member
  • Coalition for Better Ads/Google Compliant
  • Abide standard IAB Placement requirements
  • Hand-operated analytics for fraud detection, faulty URLs and vulnerable site activity
  • Ads.txt implemented
  • Domain and Seller Ratings

These rankings are a huge success as UDM has recently entered the video landscape with our outstream player. Expanding our technology and reach for publishers and advertisers is always top of mind. Outstream is making advances across digital media and UDM is continuing to break barriers!

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