Programmatic Recommendations

Need recommendations on a Consent Management Platform (CMP), the best WordPress plugins, how to add our ad code to blogger, and more? We’ve got you covered! Check out these handy links and videos to help you get started with Underdog Media!

Consent Management Platform

GDPR compliance requires publishers to obtain ‘consent’ from visitors in the EEA in order to display ads and generate revenue.  The CMP (Consent Management Platform) determines if user consent, IP addresses, and cookies are passed to us and our partners. Please enable us as a certified vendor in your CMP; if we’re not enabled, then EU traffic WILL NOT be monetized.  

CMP Recommendation:
We recommend Quantcast Choice CMP to publishers who are missing a valid CMP on their website, you can set this up in a matter of 10 minutes, it is very easy. Please see below our suggestion if needing to install a Consent Management Platform on your website. 

To start generating revenue for the EU (& UK), simply make sure that “Underdog Media LLC” is enabled within the CMP settings for each domain.

Various CMPs have different categories and / or purposes, therefore, we recommend enabling all available in your specific CMP.  At the very minimum, “Targeting” must be enabled.  Performance may increase with more categories enabled.  We are not considered a Legitimate Interest vendor, so actual user consent is required.

WordPress Recommendations

Ads.txt recommended plugin: 

Ads.txt and Ad code insertion recommended plugin: 

Improving Core Web Vitals and Site Performance Plugin: 

Adding your EDGE Tag- 

Adding a CMP – 
Adding an Inpage Tag to Widgets Section –


Adding your ads.txt file

  1. Under Settings > Publishing > Redirect domain – make sure this setting is toggled to redirect “ to”
  2. On the same Settings panel, scroll down to the “Monetization” section
  3. Under “Monetization,” toggle on the option to “Enable custom ads.txt”
  4. Open your Ads.txt file by navigating to your Underdog Media Dashboard Ads.txt Tab or from the file your account manager emailed you
  5. Paste the text into the “custom ads.txt” box in Blogger, then click Save

Adding your ad code

  1. Grab a copy of our ad code from the dashboard or from the file your account manager sent you. It should look like this:

  2. Click on Layout
  3. Click on Add a Gadget
  4. Choose HTML/Javascript
  5. Insert code into content section, no need to put in title and press save
  6. Drag and drop gadget to Ad section 
  7. Press save in the right-hand bottom corner.