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Also known as “adhesions,” sticky ads are highly visible and offer competitive rates. Advanced content detect technology ensures that content is not obscured, maintaining a seamless user experience. Widely accepted by both Google and audiences, this ad format has emerged as a critical element in publishers’ advertising revenue strategies.

To see a live demo, please expand your current web browser window 1540px and refresh the page. For users on smaller laptop monitors, use the zoom feature under your browser menu (View > Zoom Out).

Sticky (adhesion) headers are easy to implement and a fantastic way to boost your ad revenue. Stickies are highly visible as the user interacts with the page. We use content detect technology to ensure that content is not covered up, protecting the user’s experience on your site. Widely accepted by Google and audiences, this ad unit has become a key component in publishers’ ad revenue strategy.

Founded in 2007, Underdog Media has refined its programmatic expertise and offers cutting-edge advertising technology. Our comprehensive suite of programmatic solutions integrates high-impact creative, premium supply, and scalable ad-driven technology. With our products and technology adopted by over a thousand sites globally, we empower online publishers to focus on their core activity: producing exceptional content.

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