Underdog Media and the CCPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a California state-level privacy law adopted in 2020 that provides California residents the right to review and delete their personal information. Underdog Media is committed to the CCPA compliance and working with its partners to safeguard protection and control of users’ data preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is UDM compliant with the CCPA?

Yes, Underdog Media is committed to abiding by the CCPA as it develops. We are fully compliant with the CCPA law as it stands right now.

How Does UDM Adhere to the CCPA?

On Jan. 1, 2020, we executed fundamental support for the three consumer rights specified in the CCPA: the right to know, the right to delete and the right to opt-out. By July 1, 2020, we will be fully compliant with the IAB’s Compliance Framework for Publishers & Technology Companies.

What Does a UDM Publisher Need to do to Comply with the CCPA?

Publishers should begin inquiring into and applying a Consent Management Platform (CMP) to capture and pass user consent. Preparation for this is similar to what was entailed for the GDPR.

What organizational structure is UDM considered?

UDM is appointed as an independent business under the CCPA.

What is UDM doing to Align with the IAB’s Compliance Framework?

UDM supports the IAB CCPA Compliance Framework and IAB Technical Specifications for CCPA Compliance Framework. We honor all IAB “Do Not Sell” signals passed by our publisher partners as if the user instructed UDM directly.

What categories of data does UDM collect and analyze from California Users?

UDM collects a very limited amount of user data that falls under the CCPA. The data we collect usage is limited to IP address and 3rd party cookies. We use and share this data with our partners to serve digital interest based marketing advertisements. Digital websites and content creators partner with Underdog Media to help to offset the costs of maintaining their websites and creating content. Click the links for more detailed information on these data and how they are used.

For a full description about the data we collect and how we use that data, please visit UDM’s Privacy Policy.

Does UDM have a Contact Where They can Opt-Out of Data Collection?

Yes, all users (not just CA residents) can email us to access, correct, update or opt-out to delete their Personal Information.

Want more information about Underdog Media and the CCPA?

For more information about Underdog Media and the CCPA, please contact us as follows. If you are a UDM publisher, please reach out to your Strategic Account Manager. If you are a California consumer, please email us or opt-out to make changes to your data rights.

Questions and Inquiries

For questions related to Underdog Media’s privacy policy and/or collection of date please contact:

     Underdog Media, LLC
     Attn: Data Collection Officer
     1616 Anacapa St
     Santa Barbara, CA  93101