Underdog Media Publisher Guidelines

To be considered as a publisher for the Underdog Media network, your publishing business must meet these minimum criteria:

Direct Relationship: Domains must be either owned & operated or managed directly by you. We require proof of direct relationship.

Contact Information: Accurate and verifiable contact information (Business Name, Business Domain, Business Address, Contact Name, Contact Email, Contact Phone Number).

Ads.txt: Our ads.txt file MUST be placed on your domain for demand approval, linking, and buying. Our entire ads.txt file must remain on your domain and be periodically updated as required by our exchange partners. Ads.txt background and instructions can be found here.

Consent Management Platform: A CMP (Consent Management Platform) is required to monetize traffic in California and/or the EEA. Ads will not serve in these locations without a functioning CMP. CMP background and instructions can be found here.

Better Ad Standards: Underdog Media complies with Better Ads Standards developed by the Coalition for Better Ads, and we require that our publishers do as well. For more information, see www.betterads.org.

Content: Significant unique and safe* content with appropriate ad density (typically 5 ads maximum).

*Domains must be determined to be “safe” to join our network. We will reject domains that display fraudulent or malicious activity, or inappropriate content. This is at our sole discretion and includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Sites that contain or promote hate speech, misinformation, pornography, piracy, copyright infringement, weapons, file-sharing, violence, defamation, or other illegal or harmful goods or activities.
  • Sites that perpetuate malware, auto-downloads, auto-redirects, fake errors and warnings, invalid impressions or other nefarious / fraudulent activities or traffic.
  • Sites that are non-functioning, sites with no ad units, sites with excessive ad units, or layering of ad units.
  • Sites that lack consistent look / feel and straightforward navigation.
  • Sites with direct or indirect transactions involving Russia and Belarus.

For additional information about working with Underdog Media please visit: Underdog Media Publisher Terms and Conditions

Questions and Inquiries

For questions related to Underdog Media’s publisher guidelines please contact: pub@underdogmedia.com